Reflexology is an effective complementary therapy and apart from inducing extreme relaxation helps with most health problems. If you are suffering from stress, lack of motivation, depression, back pain or any acute or chronic health problems reflexology will be beneficial. Reflexology helps to improve movement and reduce pain in joints including the neck, spine and shoulders. It can also give a feeling of strengthening the body particularly limbs and spine. Considerable relief from back pain and frozen shoulder pain has been achieved in one or two sessions. Swollen ankles have responded noticeably to a single treatment.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is carried out on the feet and lower legs using a special variable pressure massage technique which has a positive effect on the physical body. It works through the central nervous system via the nerve reflexes on the feet. The feet are not the only place these nerve reflexes can be found but are very accessible for treatment. The client is made comfortable in a reclining chair and relaxing music provided to aid the relaxation experience.

Reflexology can be used to treat a host of health issues, from back pain and arthritis to migraines and menstruation. Reflexology will strengthen the immune system, prevent further illness and breathe life back into your body, making you feel balanced, positive and full of energy.

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