Johnny is a physical therapist with more then 3 years experience in physiotherapy and as he loves treatments by massaging he could give you the best experience you’ve ever had. As your posture is the most important thing for your muscles health, Johnny could give you some advice to maintain and performing your body shape. Your working routine could affect your body and causing that hard pain in your muscles, forget about your knots with a good and intense massage. Johnny’s massage can re-balance the body and reconnect mind, body and soul…an experience not to be missed.
Therapeutic massage               
Thai massage                             
Pregnancy massage                   
Deep tissue/Sport massage
Holistic massage

What Our Customers Say

Very professional and fantastic value for service!

I have been looking for someone that could deliver an amazing massage and I found. Kamy's massage has it all,  her magic hands gives me the energy I need during the day. I was having a hard gym day and I can say the pain was awful, now I feel much better.


I had a great massage session with Markus, he was treating me with a great attention, and his advices was really helpful in my case. I can say now I'm having a diet which suits on my body and some very good exercises that I love to do in gym to perform my body shape.

Mohamad A.
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