Kamy’s massage is what you need after a long and hard working day, she works by using slow and firm massage strokes which can help increasing the flow of blood. Kamy is also specialised in one of the most popular massages, the Swedish/ Classic which involves sliding and kneading movements to aid joint stiffness. To ease muscle tension after a hard session at the gym or you simply want to be totally pampered, Kamy’s massage has it all.
Deep tissue/ Sports massage                                                  
Thai massage
Holistic massage
Couple massage
Couple massage

What Our Customers Say

Very professional and fantastic value for service!

I have been looking for someone that could deliver an amazing massage and I found. Kamy's massage has it all,  her magic hands gives me the energy I need during the day. I was having a hard gym day and I can say the pain was awful, now I feel much better.


I had a great massage session with Markus, he was treating me with a great attention, and his advices was really helpful in my case. I can say now I'm having a diet which suits on my body and some very good exercises that I love to do in gym to perform my body shape.

Mohamad A.
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